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Original Charcoal and Graphite Drawing on 90lb Stonehenge Paper.

Dimensions: 12" x 12" x 1"




Company is a series of drawings that honour the dedication and sacrifice of volunteer fire fighters in remote areas of Northern Canada. With a deep reverence for their unwavering spirit, Globush seeks to illuminate their heroic resilience. Each portrait representing an act of courage that exceeds mere paper, yet collectively, showcases a group of people regardless of their background coming together to brave the fire’s embrace protecting the land and a community that choose to live and work in the boreal forests of the North.

Beyond the physical likeness, the drawings delve into the depths of their experiences. Each burn mark on their gear a close call, each scar on their face a life saved, the determined look in their eyes that pierce through smoke and chaos, and the warm camaraderie that unites them – all woven together through layers of charcoal as a recognition of their bravery. Charcoal being a medium that leaves a dark trace – conveying the intensity of their experiences, the weight of their responsibilities, and the depth of their compassion, yet is a blendable substance – reflecting a line between duty and personal life that is blurred by their pursuit of safeguarding others. It is a visual tribute to the unspoken promises they make, the families they leave behind to protect others, the bravery that ignites a beacon of hope even in the darkest of times. These portraits were created not only to honour the volunteers who embody the very heart of community but also to remind us all of the boundless capacity for selflessness and the ability to rise from the ashes of adversity. By documenting them, Globush immortalizes their contributions, reminding us of the vital role they play in the fabric of Northern Canadian communities – a group whose hearts burn brighter than the fires they battle.

May these drawings serve as a testament to the heroes who don’t seek recognition, but whose courage and compassion define the very essence of humanity – there is extraordinary power in ordinary individuals.



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